Artist Struggles

It may look like I have my shit together but in reality, I'm a MESS when it comes to creating for my small business.

I have cabinets FULL of unfinished pieces and my studio is overflowing with my creative tools...and some I haven't touched in months! but...

No matter how messy, unorganized, or even unmotivated you are at times, you are still an amazing artist.

I have a few tips and tricks for these yucky, blah days we sometimes get stuck in.



The most common struggle for an artist is finding what inspires you to create.

It can be very difficult to dig out of that discouraging hole.

I've learned that being outside of your element really helps, get outside and explore the beauty we call home. Nature is one of the most inspiring creative triggers for the mind.

Which each season, comes new ideas whether you're a realistic artist or abstract.



If you are just now starting your artistic journey, always start with cheap supplies.

Start with brush variety packs, thinner paint and level 1 canvases.

In due time, you will build up your more expensive collection.

You will want to build your skills with the cheap supplies, and you'll then be completely ready to jump into the good stuff when comfortable enough!

Don't rush the process!

You may never stop liking the cheap stuff, some of my favorite paints to work with are the little Craft Smart or Apple Barrel bottles from Walmart. There's no shame in comfortability.



High standards are very hard to get around. You either put yourself on a pedestal or you self-criticize too hard.

You know you're good at what you do, and you scrap something that isn't going your way.

I'm guilty of this and have learned it's a tough trait to have but not necessarily bad.

Creating can be a bit frustrating at times but you have to step back and put it aside until you can get those creative juices flowing again.

Don't beat yourself up about how a piece looks, try to paint it again and see where you improve each time. It's all in how you see yourself as an artist. the more positive your outlook on your journey, the more outcome you will have.



There are not any right or wrongs in creating. If you are doing what is best for your creative process, then don't change. Everyone is different.

When I say don't change, I don't mean don't grow. Growth is super important. Learning is something you will never stop doing in life. Learn new techniques, mediums, or even different surfaces when letting thought flow into ideas.



Making a name for yourself takes PATIENCE and most of all TIME.

If I had a dollar every time I got impatient with this journey, I'd have a full pocket.

When you go to events or even walking around in public, hand out your small business cards. Talk about what you do with people, and you'll see that exposure take off.

The more you talk and post about what you create, the more you will get seen.

You have to promote!


Being in an artist is a beautiful thing, embrace the struggles. Everything that gives you difficulties will help you become a strong creator in the long run.

I'm proud of y'all and I'm excited to see what my followers make for themselves.

Keep It Artsy,


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