My Favorite Tools for Creating

As an Artist, you develop a variety of skills. No matter what products or tools you use, there is ALWAYS that handful of products that are your go-to!

I want to share with my viewers what my favorite creative tools are and why I will never stop loving them.



A wooden palette is a great purchase for a painter. You can use each side of the palette in about 6 months each, meaning this will last you a year if not longer.

You layer paint on top of the other dried paint from other projects until both sides are full.

When they got full, they make a really cute wall decoration for your studio!



This cleaner has become a life saver for the cleaning process of all my brushes. It serves as a soap and a conditioner. After all is like brand new, you cover the bristles in the preserver and set the tip of the brush.

No more crazy hairs going different directions!

It is also amazing for getting dried acrylic paint from deep in the bristles.



Thick paint or thin paint, or both?

My favorite paints can go from $-$$$.

  • The cheap brands I love are Apple Barrel and Craft Smart. I prefer thinner paints for blending and they have so many color varieties!

  • The medium-priced paints, Liquitex Basics are usually thick with a much higher pigment level then the cheaper ones.

  • My go-to expensive paint is either Academy or Golden. They never see, the amaze me with the quality. The gels, modeling pastes and even the iridescent and shimmer paints. They are the highest pigment paints that I've ever found, great for commission projects and much more.



My ALL-TIME favorite brush brand is Royal & Langnickel.

Round, square and even specialty brushes, I have them all!

These brushes rarely loose bristles, chip in paint or even break.

I'm constantly repairing my other, more cheap brushes. If you invest in R&L, they will never disappoint. This amazing company also produces a variety of creative tools for upcoming artists like Easels, Paint, Brushes, Mediums and even Kits.



Over the years these products have made creating for my business and for me, MUCH easier. If you are interested in any of these products, I will list the websites below.

Find what makes your creative process easier and more fun for you!

Keep It Artsy,



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