While I've been away...

This past month has been very chaotic and time consuming.

Unfortunately, I had to get a full-time job and do my art on the side to cover living costs.

I've really missed creating and sharing my imagination with you all and I will hopefully be back to normal very soon.

Though I've had to put a halt to what I love, I haven't stopped creating in different ways.

I currently work at a flower and plant shop creating succulent terrariums and flower arrangements!


My creative juices are ALWAYS flowing.

Here's some of my recent pieces that I've created the past 2 weeks.

Everything is new but I love that I've learned a new art form.

I have a huge appreciation and ama very impressed with the designers I've met this past month. Kudos!

My plan is to try and manage my time a little better, so I don't forget my passion.

I will still be attending future booths and events!

I have new pieces in the works still and will get them out as soon as possible.

Thank you so much to all my supporters for the patience and consistency of faith in me.

I PROMISE this isn't permanent, I will without a doubt be back soon with more content than ever!

Seen you soon.

Keep it Artsy,


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